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What Blessings Have I Missed?

A Guest Post with my girlfriend Denise!

Dee is my partner when it comes to writer’s conferences (including late night runs for nachos and guacamole dip- and don’t forget about the time we got lost looking for the street that we were ON!), the Praise and Coffee newsletter “Connections” and of course playdates including several cups of coffee and lots of great conversation (pausing only when we hear a loud thump from the playroom to wait for a scream or a giggle).

Click on her logo to visit her wonderful blog about country living with 4 lively boys!

Matthew 4:18-20 Jesus said to them “Come with me”….They didn’t ask questions, but simply…followed.” (The Message Bible)

Recently my husband had to go out and plow a lot one snowy Saturday. All four boys were lounging in the living room watching cartoons and being lazy when he asked “Hey, who wants to go for a drive with me?”

Our five year old jumped up. “I will! I will go!” He rushed to pull on his coat (It had helped he had slept in his clothes so he didn’t even need to get dressed.), slip on his crocs (which I made him change, really, crocs in the middle of winter?), shoved his blue glasses back onto his face with his palm and grinned up at his Daddy. “I’m all ready to go!” he declared.

Not a single one of the other boys wanted to leave the nice warm house. We were both a little surprised at that, and even more surprised at how fast our five year old had jumped up and gotten ready so quickly. Usually we are trying to hustle him to get him out the door to anywhere.

As he stood in the kitchen, ready to have his Daddy carry him out to the truck, he asked “Where are we going?”

It struck me then, this simple following of his. He fully trusted his Daddy to have only good things planned for him. He had absolutely positively no idea what he was leaving to do or go to but he wanted to be with his Daddy and so he flew to get ready. He dropped it all just to follow Daddy.


How often does God ask us to follow Him? Follow Him in Bible study, to reach out to someone…and I don’t listen. I would rather stay all comfy in my nice warm rut of life. What have I missed out on because he just gave up asking me since I never wanted to move?

What blessings have I missed?

I got thinking of the disciples. They just dropped it all to follow Christ. And they didn’t even know Him! I KNOW my Heavenly Father, and I know He only has good for me, and yet I don’t want to follow, stupidly thinking my plans are better than His.

Our little guy trusted his Daddy completely and was ready to follow him wherever he went just to be the one to spend some extra time with him. What I could learn from our little five year old!

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