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What’s Been Happening?

I just realized that I haven’t updated you in a while on the happenings with Praise and Coffee, so this is my attempt to catch you up.

Next week is our first ever Praise and Coffee Around the World! March 15th women will be meeting in coffee shops, restaurants, churches and at kitchen tables, sharing life while connecting, encouraging and inspiring each other.

We also have a private Facebook group for all the women who host Praise and Coffee Nights or who are interested and want to chat with other women about it. We’d love to have you in on the conversation, click on the link and join us!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out our eBook that explains it all. How Anyone Can Start a Praise and Coffee Night

Basically, it’s a fresh approach to women’s ministry. No agendas or studies, just connecting, encouraging and inspiring one another along our journey as wives, moms and women of God over a cuppa coffee or whatever you feel like sipping.

I’m also working on the Spring Praise and Coffee Magazine that is coming out April 1st!! This one is for the moms…or those of us who have moms…which should cover us all.

On a personal side, things have been busy for me. It’s MOPS season! I’ve been speaking at a lot of MOPS groups in the area. I love it! I feel like I basically come in and lift heavy backpacks off the moms. Backpacks that are filled with burdens, worries and pressure to be something that God never called them to be: perfect.

Having small children can be such a trying time in a woman’s life and if I can say anything that brings a little comfort and joy to this season, I’m happy to.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Watch for our new website coming real soon!!!!

Much love, Sue

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