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What’s you niche?

Do you ever hear something and say, “oh I am sooo going to blog about that?” I know you do! I had one of those moments last night.

Hubby and I were watching tv late last night….let me clarify this picture for you…

I was laying next to him in the bed while he was channel surfing and stopping on any particular channel just long enough for me to either:

1. Wish he would leave it on this channel.

2. Cringe as he slowed down on something like…the worst job guy or the oil drillers or worse yet…the horrible show about the men out on the crab boats for months at a time- surely the most depressing tv out there!

So back to my story. He’s flipping through channels and he passes (quickly I might add) the one with Denise Richards reality show. Now, I have never watched this show and don’t have a very high opinion of her but I was curiuos, so I said- “oh can we watch that for just a minute?!”

Sighing, he complied.

Well, she was sitting with a young man, who turned out to be her nephew, explaining why she had appeared in a certain pornographic magazine.

When we stopped on it she was saying, “do you have any questions, do you understand?” And this young man was just sitting there blushing and shaking his head no.

She then went on to explain to him that she makes a living being sexy. “It’s my niche” she said.

At that point, I shouted “Her niche?! Are you kidding me???!!!”

Seeing where this was going, Mark quickly turned the channel, I’m sure hoping to avoid a 20 minute dialogue on how shallow and ridiculous that was.

I ended my outburst with, “I am soooo going to blog about that!” To which he smiled, rolled his eyes and said “of course you are” then stopped the channel on the second Bourne movie as he knew that would capture my attention and distract my rantings. (Love the Bourne movies!)

So my point is, she truly believed that was her niche. First of all, can I tell you how sad that is? Yes, I know that many women live this way, but to hear it so blatantly declared on national tv and yet seem proud of this niche. Oh girls, please let us have a more important and purposeful niche! I am sure God has a much better niche for her, but unfortunately she has not found it yet and she is settling for a shallow and meaningless existence.

Let’s not make the same mistake. Let’s not forget the high calling on our lives.

Here’s a niche for you… to find joy in who our God is and live that joy out in front of this world to draw them to His heart!

Love this verse: Exodus 9:16 But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth. NIV

Yes, pray for Denise. She’s a living human being who needs to know her Savior.

Pray also that God would show you the niche He’s given you so that you could show others His goodness. And if you already know it…let it shine girl!

My hope is in Him, Sue

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