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Win a Puppy!

Zoey and Lauren looking innocent for the camera.

Zoey and Lauren looking innocent for the camera.

Just kidding. There’s no puppy. Well, actually there are plenty but you won’t get one here.

But now that you’ve stopped by, feel free to click back to the home page and see what you think. I’ve sprused things up a bit around here. I wanted to make it more user friendly.

Ok, do you want the truth? I’m sure you must because who would hang out for lies. I changed it so that I didn’t have to look at my neglected blog. *hangs head in shame*

I’m a horrible blogger.

I was doing so good for a while and I really tried to keep up on Tuesdays with the Real Moms of West Michigan posts from my segments with Tommy and Brook. But even that has been too much for me to squeak out.

Now I shamelessly lure you here with the curiosity of how I was going to ship you a puppy.

I’m sure I’ll blog again…but hey, I DO publish a magazine 4 times a year. And I puppy-sit for my sons. But that’s about it.

So anyways, make yourself at home. And by that I mean, pick up a swifter and get to work.

Here’s a little something of substance if you were looking for it…

Taken from the Editor’s note of the current magazine.

My heart for this magazine is two-fold. I started it to help connect the women that were hosting and attending Praise and Coffee events across the nation. Now, it has developed into a platform to encourage and inspire by sharing the stories of every day, relatable women just like us.

I don’t for one minute pretend that this is a professionally streamlined magazine. This is my amateur attempt to make a little noise. I would love to have professional editors and graphics experts, but for right now, it’s just simply me and some committed friends working to produce something that we hope lifts your day, possibly your week and occasionally changes your life. We pray that you are inspired to stretch and transform or maybe just pick yourself up off the laundry room floor and believe that God loves you and that your life has meaning.

I’ve read that God used a donkey, a chicken and some muddled up characters to declare His love for us, so I feel that we’re in good company as we plod through this attempt to make a difference with our words. We all have a story; the truth is we all have many stories, this issue highlights a few. We hope they resonate with you and stir your heart to want to experience something deeper than church attendance. We pray that it creates a longing in you that is unsatisfied by whatever has promised you harmony outside of a relationship with the One who created you.

In Anna Nalick’s rather despondent song “Breathe” she sings…

 “And I feel like I’m naked in front of the crowd Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud And I know that you’ll use them, however you want to…”

I appreciate the women who shared the words of their diary with us in this issue.

I know that He’ll use them however He wants to…

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