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Winter 2012 Praise and Coffee Magazine

I feel this way with every issue, but this one is one of my favorites. Click cover to read.

I love the stories that women share this issue…well…here…let me just post my editor’s note here:

Even though I cherish Christmas, I love the feeling when all the decorations are put back in their tubs and loaded up in the loft. The whole house feels clean and liberated, no longer strangled by boughs of holly. It’s a good feeling, like that of: A fresh snow. Clean sheets. An empty dishwasher. A new jar of peanut butter. Sorry, but I love it don’t you? There’s nothing like being the first one to dip a spoon…er…I mean run a knife through a freshly opened jar of peanut butter. We all love a fresh start don’t we? Sometimes the everyday stuff of life is like a walk through a barn full of animals. Messy and unpredictable. But then we peer over the stall door to see a mare just given birth to a foal. The stench and mess of the barn is forgotten for the moment as we witness the precious wobbly new life attempting its first try at vertical. It stumbles and falls and our hearts cheer as it stands on four legs for the very first time. I’ve seen it, it’s beautiful. It fills a heart with hope of new beginnings. There are no colts or fillies in this issue, but stories of real women facing real pain and how they let God bring new life into messy and unpredictable situations. I pray, along with the women in this issue, that you will find hope in these pages. That their stories would help you trust in God more deeply than before you read them. I have no desire to fix you…only to inspire you to reach out to the hand that’s extended in mercy towards you at this very moment. Let His grace and forgiveness pour over you afresh today. With love, Sue

We’d love to get your feedback! What do you love? What ideas do you have for us? Do you know any women with stories that need to be in our magazine? Tell us!

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