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Wednesdays, Oct 4-Dec 6, 2023 9:00 AM EST (9:15 AM online)

A 10 week study to help you get healthier,

live with purpose,

and grow closer to God.

Available in my home (limited) and online for $25 (includes recordings)

Sign up below. Note: women only, we do not have childcare, thanks for understanding. 

A peek at what we will discuss...

Autumn Leaves



To look in the face of all life has dealt you and say-no! I will not back down, I will not give in, I will not buckle under to the pressure of the world and I will not agree with the lies in my head that

I am not enough, not good enough,

not worthy enough of love.

I’m rising up. I’m not going to ignore myself and my needs any longer.



Who is that little girl looking back at me in the mirror?

What has she been through that shaped who she is today?

It's time for her to get brave, stop people pleasing and fulfill the purpose God gave her. 

We talk about two amazing and brave women in the Bible who changed history by showing up.



What do we crave? What do we want more than what God has for us? God has given us a way to overcome temptation. Are we taking that way out or are we sliding into the comfort of what we’ve always known and refusing to stand against temptation?

Fortitude needs to become our knee-jerk response to temptation and adversity. Once we recognize the tantalizing, alluring, and deceptive thoughts of promised comfort or pleasure, we must awaken our fortitude and stand with strength and the power of God against it.

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