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A Worship Accident

Have you ever had a worship accident? I have, let me explain.

The other morning I was reading and writing at my computer, no big deal, seemed fairly safe. But see, I have worship music playing in the background. This is where the it gets dangerous.

So there I am reading an article online and the music builds to a powerful part where it says. “Majesty, Majesty Jesus Lamb of God!” and at that moment I throw my arms up to praise Him. But I forget that I had set up a new lamp so that I could do my Bible study without turning on the main room light. And there you have it- arms flying up in the air to worship, hand slamming into said lamp and whammo- broken finger nails.

It really put a damper on my worship. I’m sure it was satan 🙂

But then it occured to me. How do I explain this to Janice, my nail tech??? I don’t know if she will understand what it means to have a worship accident. I could always make something up.

I’ll bet they don’t wear acrylic nails in the throne room. Good thing.

Here is the song that started it all. I’m warning you, clear an area before you listen.

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