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Praise and Coffee to Go

Six Praise and Coffee Conversations to help you facilitate a Praise and Coffee group (or any small group or personal devotions) as you gather in coffee shops or around kitchen tables.

No preparation required!

Grab your copy on Amazon or download the Kindle version and invite two to twelve friends to a coffee shop/restaurant or around your kitchen table.

Consider these six conversations a springboard.

Do not hold rigidly to them, instead let the conversations serve your group fluid and flexible.


We pray they lead you into conversations that promote connection, encouragement and inspiration.

No one in the group is required to participate, but do encourage anyone to share.

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Praise and Coffee to Go is not intended to resemble a classroom with students and a teacher but, instead, a group of friends sharing life, laughter, tears and the desire to connect, encourage and inspire one another!

Conversations include:


Get Things Brewing: These include three ice-breaker questions to warm up the group. These are intended to launch comfortable, casual conversation. You can go around the table and ask the ladies each question or read each one and let the participants choose a question they would like to answer.

Steep: Scripture and thoughts to contemplate and consider how they apply to each of our lives.

Press It Out: This is the heart of your gathering, questions to spur conversation. Do as many or few of these as you like. Use them as conversation starters, not classroom questions. Note: if your conversation takes you in a different direction:

GO THERE and have an authentic discussion.

Connect, encourage and inspire one another!

Extra Shot: Some days we just need another shot; that’s what these are for. Take the discussion farther with scripture. Discuss how each of the verses apply to your life and help you become the woman God created you to be.

Available on Amazon: Praise and Coffee To Go

Praise and Coffee Publishing

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