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August Praise and Coffee Giveaway


This month I want to give you the CD of an amazing woman, she has lived through tragedy far worse than most of us could dream. Tammy Trent grew up in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI and I knew her husband’s family.

She is putting out a new CD this month and it’s sure to be amazing!

I love the title, “Stronger,” I hope it inspires you too!

A short bio of Tammy’s incredible story:

Tammy’s story is one of despair and unexpected grace. In September 2001 she and her husband, Trent (from whom her stage name comes from), spent a few days in Jamaica – part mission trip, part vacation.

On September 10th, Trent went diving and never returned. Tammy spent the rest of the day with rescue divers trying to locate her husband with no success. She woke up the next morning in the home of strangers to discover that the whole world had gone mad. As she waited for news of her husband, she watched the news as two planes plowed into the Twin Towers in New York City – later that day she had to identify the body of her husband.

No one in her family could get to her as flights were canceled. She was held captive in Jamaica for ten more days waiting to return to her family. Tammy’s story of God’s grace in the midst of such pain, fear and loss touches everyone she ministers to.

It is one thing to call the Lord shepherd – it is another to be carried by Him when you can no longer stand. Tammy is constantly amazed by our Lord’s commitment to us in the worst moments of our lives.


Comment to this post if you would like to win this CD and a bag of Starbuck’s coffee.

Let me know if you have my “giveaway button” in your sidebar and you will be entered twice. Thanks to all of you that do!!!

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