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Catching Up

Hello girlfriends!! I hope you are having a great summer. We have been busy and this week is Lauren’s 7th birthday so the celebrations have begun!

I apologize for not blogging so much anymore, I’ve been putting my time and energy into the magazine and a few other projects I’m working on. I’ll share more on that later. Thanks for sticking with me, you all are precious to me!

Today I’m over at the Internet Cafe’ talking about keeping it real as a leader.

The number one complaint I hear about Christians and church leaders these days is that they are not genuine. People are put off by the seeming “network marketing” style technique that seems to be pervading churches lately. Of course this is not true of all Churches or Christians, in fact I would say it’s not true of most. But I admit that I’ve found myself responding with caution and wanting to ask “what’s in this for you?” as I’m charmed by certain leaders.

Click here to read the entire article: Keeping It Real In Ministry

Also, if you have always wanted to attend a Praise and Coffee Night and you are on Twitter, I want to invite you to a Twitter Praise and Coffee Night!

Thursday, July 28th from 9-10 PM EST. Use the hashtag #pcnight and come join us as we connect, encourge, inspire and giveaway some fun stuff!!! Here is the Facebook event page if you want to RSVP and leave us your twitter name (RSVP is not required though). Find me at: @praiseandcoffee Twitter Praise and Coffee Night!

Stay cool this summer girls! I know you could never NOT be cool! 🙂

And to my local girlfriends, the next Plainwell Praise and Coffee Night is August 11, hope to see you!

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