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Christmas Tips for Busy Moms

Taken from my “Real Moms of West Michigan” segment with Tommy and Brook on Star 105.7

It’s the Christmas season, and Star 105.7 is the Christmas station so it’s time for some real mom tips for an easier Christmas!

  1. Shop online, the deals are amazing this year so take advantage of not having to haul gifts out to the car!

  2. If you’re entertaining, take advantage of timesavers. Order the local deli’s side salad or the bakery’s famous pie to complement your main course.

  3. Right now…or at least sometime today Moms, put an empty envelope in your purse for Christmas receipts, then you’ll have them all in one place.

  4. Know when to say no. Do I even need to elaborate on this one?!

  5. Make gift giving special by giving events instead of just gifts; concert or movie tickets, gift cards to their favorite restaurants, pedicure, massage, gift certificate with a photographer…don’t give just a gift, give an event!

Remember above all, what the season is about: love, family and hope!

Listen to this broadcast here: Christmas Tips for Busy Moms

I gave you some helpful Christmas hints on this post too: Christmas Gift Ideas

You can listen to my ‘Real Moms of West Michigan’ segments on Star 105.7 with Tommy and Brook every Tuesday morning around 7:05 AM. If you are not in the West Michigan area you can listen on iHeart radio


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