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Day 16…how’s it going?

Well, you’ve had four-past-a-dozen days to live up to your New’s Years resolutions, how are they going?

Being an over-achiever, I started mine the day after Christmas. Of course this may have been directly related to the fact that when I stood on my new Wii Fit it made the sound that is made when someone picks the wrong door on “Let’s Make a Deal”. In that moment, dressed as Raggedy Ann and fishing through my purse for a paper clip, I decided that I needed to make some changes.

I’ve cut back on sugar and decided that moving this body a little more might be a good thing. I’ve found that I don’t miss sugar (except in my coffee) and that moving more hurts a little-sometimes a lot. Don’t worry, mochas are not a thing of the past for me, just a slight pause in the action.

Resolutions-smezolutions. I’m not big on resolutions, I think that ‘decisions’ are better than resolutions. The word resolute means: ‘to be determined to’. So I can be determined to read my Bible or I can wake up and decide to do it. No matter how determind I am to do something, if I don’t decide in that moment to do it, it doesn’t happen, not even with “I can do all things through Christ” written on post-it notes all over my bathroom mirror.

It is good to be single-mindedly resolved to do something, but our life is really a pool of the things that we’ve decided to dive into. And sometimes I’m not so crazy about what goes floating by as I back-stroke through my day.

The most important thing to me is my relationship with God. Religion can cause me to regularly darken the doors of a church or open my Bible and read like a good little soldier does. But my relationship with God draws me like a moth to the flame. Hungry for what it has to offer then suddenly extinguished by the power of His presence and the majesty of who He is. At that moment I realize…that’s the point…like the moth, I die, He shines.

His Word is life. It changes me. It makes me want to decide to know Him better. I want to know, what does He think about life? What is His take on the messy reality of all that is today. How do I fit? How can He possibly love everyone? I mean, look at us…really?

I resolve to decide to grow closer to Him. I want more of Him and less of me, so off to the flame I flutter and brace myself for the landing.

So it’s day 16…how’s it going?

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