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Guest Post: Sandy Coughlin ~ Reluctant Entertainer

I’m so thrilled to have Sandy guest posting today. We connected years ago when I first started blogging and I’ve watched God do amazing things with her ministry. Her heart and passion is to help others find the lost art of hospitality and entertaining.

Of course this resonates with me as I love connecting and encouraging women also! I wish Sandy didn’t live on the other side of the country because I sure would love to have her cook an amazing meal for me have coffee with her and talk for hours!

Family Unity, Marriage and Blogging by Sandy Coughlin

Sue asked me to guest post today, and she knows me well because we’ve been following each others blogs for years now. I’d say we both believe in good, healthy, strong marriages and family unity.

Even if you say you know a perfect family – well guess what? You probably don’t know them very well.

Our family is not always in unity, but when it is — when my marriage is going great, I am meeting my children’s needs, we are spending time together, our family time around the dinner table is rich, our kids are on track and content, we are growing and living for God — then I am using my gifts wisely. That where blogging comes in …

God has blessed me with a wonderful man. And the “center” of our growth as a couple comes from Him. But I recently told a friend that I gage where I am with my blog and priorities as a wife and a mother by using a barometer.

My barometer is this: How is this working within my marriage? And this is a question that we can ask ourselves about whatever we are passionate about.

If my marriage isn’t strong, then everything else seems to fall out of line.

• Is my husband in my corner? Is he in support of my passions? • Am I making creative time for my marriage? • Am I wowing! my husband and planning date nights? • Does he know he’s the most important person to me (and my kids)? • Is there tension or resentment between us? • What is the tone when we are talking to each other? • Am I always running off for girlfriend time? • Am I listening to him?

If things are not good between us, these questions challenge me to get back on track. That is why I’ll sometimes say to a friend, how is this working for you and ? (hubs name here).

I’m tying this post to Reluctant Entertainer and blogging because I’ve learned that with entertaining, it can be a miserable event if I don’t have peace within my marriage and my family before it all begins.

It seems so empty if I barge ahead with plans if there is stress and strain in the home. It’s like walking into church and putting your “happy face on” when you just had a fight in the car with your husband!

Unity is important to me, as the hostess, to be real and open with my guests when they walk through the front doors. Real entertaining for real people.

How’s the unity in your home, if you are married, and even (ouch! this could be a tough one) with the things that you are passionate about?

I’d love for you to share your thoughts!

Sandy Coughlin – Reluctant Entertainer Twitter: SandyCoughlinRE FB: Reluctant Entertainer

View her website: Reluctant Entertainer

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