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Home from Texas!

Wow, I don’t even know where to start. My heart is still overwhelmed by our weekend.

It all started Wednesday morning as we headed out in the motor home for our 22 hour drive to San Antonio, TX. We were blessed to have Mark’s folks come with us, they were such a big help and Matt loved having them there.

We arrived at Lackland Air Force Base and headed to the Reception Center where we were briefed on the activities involved in graduation and our expected behavior on the base.

The first time we saw Matt, was when he ran by us for the ceremonial “Airman’s Run” signifying the last time they would do their morning run as “trainees.” Matt had a grin ear to ear as he saw us, we laughed so hard.

Then we went to the coin ceremony. This is where he received his coin that signified his becoming an Airman. It was then that we could finally go see him! He’s not allowed to be involved in any major PDA, so I waited until we got back to the motorhome to wrap my arms around him like a good Momma should!

We were all so tired that we just hung out all day in the motorhome on base.

The next morning was graduation. What an incredible experience to see our little boy, now standing there a fine young man. He was the Guidon for his flight squad, so he walked out in front with his instructor and carried their flag. I just have to say that he looked so good!

I just cried seeing him out there, we were so proud of him.

We spent the rest of the weekend on and off the base trying to soak up every minute together with our family.

One of the best parts of the weekend was church on Sunday morning. Matt was so excited to take us to his church. It is a very contemporary non-denominational service.

Every week they play the video, “Letters From War” by Mark Schultz. Picture standing in a big church that is packed out (standing room only) with military men. We were surrounded by camouflage and dress blues and when they watched the video, they erupted in shouts, they cheered and gave thunderous applause!

They have Airmen walk up and down the aisle with kleenex-that’s a very good thing! I was bawling.

The video is hard enough to watch, but seeing their response made it even more emotional.

It was so hard to say goodbye again. Thankfully though, he now has his laptop and cell phone so we will be able to communicate with him on a regular basis.

Matt continues his training at the Lackland Base. He is going to technical school for the Security Forces for the next 14 weeks. We should find out then where he will be based as a Military Policeman. I am hoping that is will be stateside, but I pray God’s will would be done. I want him right in the middle of God’s plan for his life.

Now I have the wonderful honor of the title “Air Force Mom”…I’m so proud of my son.

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