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It’s Time To Stop Wishing That Life Had Been Different


We run from our stories, but never allude them. We think that “becoming a new creation in Christ” means denying the abuse or sins that have defined us. We miss the point. God making all things new does not mean that they never were.

The beauty of our stories is the power of God’s grace to redeem our broken past. He takes the pieces, He makes a life. No two of us match, we are unique, each moment of our lives scored precisely the way He allowed it.

We are a beautiful mosaic today of every crackled shard, fit together, soldered with love to let the light shine through and dance.

Shame tries to cripple us, but God makes our lives new, He redeems our past and the power of shame is broken. We are no longer that person. We breathe Him in and let His life fill us.

We don’t pretend that the past didn’t happen, we celebrate that He’s redeemed it. He shines through and the crumbled mess bursts with His glory.

It’s time to stop wishing that life had been different, it wasn’t. But today is a new day and the sun rises again to splash brilliant light if we let it. The artist is waiting for you to pull back the curtain.

It’s time to unashamedly wake up to the woman God’s created us to be.

We’re one week in to our study, “Becoming Me Through Him” on Facebook. Feel free to join us. Take your time and go through the material (click on the files tab) at your own pace, join the discussion if you want or not.

You are also welcome to print and use our files for your own Praise and Coffee groups. Start one in your local coffee shop. Coffee with girlfriends, sharing life. Connecting, encouraging and inspiring.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

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