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Let's Talk Health & Wellness

Hi Ladies, I have a few questions for you,

I am working on a project for early 2022 and would love your input. I have spent this past year focusing on my (physical, mental, & spiritual) health and wellness and it has made a huge difference in my life. I am hoping to help others with what I’ve learned and experienced, along with creating a tribe of women to continue this journey with!

A couple of things I want to share first:

· I have not joined an MLM, I have no products to sell you. I’m also not interested in purchasing any as I don’t think they are necessary for true health & wellness. If they work for you that’s great, we all take this journey differently, but that is not my focus.

· My focus is not weight loss, though it will probably be part of your journey to health & wellness as it has been mine. I have struggled with several auto-immune issues and thankfully learned recently (through bloodwork) that many have improved and even gone into “remission” or inactivity. I have much less inflammation, and losing #40 (with very minimal exercise, though I am focusing more on that now) has been a wonderful side effect of a healthier lifestyle.

· I believe food/sugar addiction is real and I have spent this year learning about how our brain/body work together and how triggers, emotions, hormones, etc play a part in our emotional as well as physical health, and in the decisions we make.

· We are a complex creation ladies! There is NO one size fits all solution. We are all uniquely created and need to explore the “what, why, and how” behind the decisions we make. Why do we do the things we do, even when we know they are not good for us??? Some decisions are based at the core of our most primal selves (fear, survival, etc.) and some are plain old knee-jerk responses to stimuli and temptation.

· I also believe that our faith plays a huge role in our overall wellness, and I continue to study & learn what the Bible says about food, eating, and proper care of our bodies. It says a LOT more than I ever knew! But, just like with anything else, knowledge isn’t what makes the difference, relationship is. Therefore, a main focus of mine is directly related to our relationship with our God- the One who created these complex bodies of ours.

· I believe that depression and anxiety can be (not always) linked directly to our food choices and I’ve been exploring how they can work together or against each other.

· I’m putting together some group study information (another Praise and Coffee Conversation booklet) and plan to host some in-person and online groups after the 1st of the year.

I’d love your input to any or all these questions, feel free to email me if you prefer:

1. What is your biggest roadblock to seriously focusing on your own health ( I KNOW we are all busy- that answer won’t work…please be more specific)?

2. Have you ever considered that you have food/carb/sugar addictions?

3. Do you see/feel a connection between food choices & your emotions/depression/anxiety?

4. What do you think would be helpful to you on your journey to health & wellness? Please list any or all ideas you have- none are wrong or silly!

5. Have you felt a need to seriously focus on your health/wellness in the coming year?

Also, let me know if you would be personally interested in attending a group, either in-person (if you are in SW Michigan) or online in early 2022?

Thanks for any input!


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I'd be interested online for sure.

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