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Looking for your "Twilight" input…

I would love for you to answer a few questions for me. Feel free to answer them anonymously if you like…but I will be posting all of them unless you specifically ask me not to.

I realize this is a hot button topic among many Christians, I do not want this to become an argument, I want information and input.

Feel free to copy and paste the questions into your comment and answer them that way:

1. Have you seen the movie “Twilight” or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it?

2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?

3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn’t allow them to see it?

4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.

5. Do you feel they have “teachable” moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain.

6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series….

Thank you!!!!!

EDITED to add:

Thank you so much for all your input!!! Keep it coming 🙂

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