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Loving Me Some Kahve’ Koffee!!

If there’s one thing you know I love, it’s coffee! So when Kahve’ Koffee offered to send me some of their coffee to try, I jumped at the chance.

Kahvé Koffee is proud to introduce their exceptional gourmet coffee blends into the consumer retail market. Our coffee has previously been sold predominantly to premier restaurants and cafes, but we feel that now’s the time to expand beyond local Boston businesses to a wider population of coffee drinkers craving a high-quality roast that they can enjoy at home.

It’s excellent coffee, wonderful smooth flavor. I didn’t even need my flavored creamer with this!

And now you can try it too at 15% off with their exclusive coupon code, just for you! Go to: Kahve’ Koffee And use the code “BLOG15” for your special discount.

Thanks Kahve’ Koffee!!

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