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Moms, Don’t Lose Yourself In Motherhood

Being a mom is loads of fun right? Laundry pun intended. *Insert rolling eyes*

Raising our children is one of the best times in our lives, but often we get so busy with soccer, laundry, cooking, cleaning, playing, laundry, homework, lunches, bath time, laundry, reading, scraped knees and then more laundry, that we lose ourselves and identity as a woman.

This week I want to encourage moms not to lose themselves in motherhood.

We don’t want to be that woman who, when her nest is empty, has a complete meltdown because she forgot to invest in her own life.

A few ways we can avoid that:

  1. Think about the things you loved to do before the kids came along. What are your passions, what do you enjoy? Try to fit some of that into your life now.

  2. Take a class. Craft, photography, dance lesson, maybe you’ve always wanted to learn more about photoshop: take a class, scrap booking, Zumba…go for it!

  3. Date nights, spend time with your husband! Arrange a sitter and put it on the calendar.

  4. Make time for girlfriends! Not just play-dates, but get out without the kids for some much needed girl time! Moms, we need that even more than we know. If you are in the Plainwell, MI area: come on out to our Praise and Coffee Night this Thursday!

So, moms…don’t lose yourself in motherhood…make time to nurture who you are as a woman.

Your family will be better for it because when Momma’s happy…

I do the ‘Real Moms of West Michigan’ segments on Star 105.7 with Tommy and Brook every Tuesday morning around 7:05 AM. If you are not in the West Michigan area you can listen on iHeart radio. Click on the Star 105.7 tab to hear today’s segment.

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