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September Winner and another Giveaway!

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, the winner is:

Kim (A Stone Gatherer) @ Scattered Stones

Congrats Kim, email me your home address

and I’ll get your Praise and Coffee right out to you!

And now for another contest…

I am a fall cleaner, not a spring cleaner. In the springtime, I am out the door, forget about the house, Momma needs some air! So today I started my fall cleaning today.

As I was re-organizing my cupboards, the job quickly snowballed from one pantry, to the spice cupboard and on to the storage room in the basement.

There I tunneled my way through piles of tissue paper, towers of empty (just the right size for saving) boxes, Christmas wrap, a bread maker, a fondue pot, several worn and tattered purses (I just can’t throw away a Coach bag no matter how old it gets), several different size crockpots, bags and bags of new gift items that I never gave away (I like to stock up because you never know when someone will show up at your door with a gift and you will need to have something special just for them too), knick-knacks, pictures and wall hangings, more tissue paper….who keeps buying tissue paper?! I think I even ran across a litter of kittens in there, they were nesting in the tissue paper.

Well…I can only organize so much…some of this has to go. I thought to myself, this is when most people would have a garage sale. But you know what, I don’t like to do garage sales. It takes hours of preparations only to have me look at someone and say, “oh just take it…”

Instead I decided to donate it. Then I had this crazy idea…that’s where you come in 🙂

What if I hosted a

“Forget the Garage Sale, Give Away!”

It will be our inspiration to get rid of some of the perfectly good things that we no longer need or use.

Knick-knacks, candles, a Christmas something or other… whatever you want.

So I was thinking that I would give you a week to get something together- that is already in your house– to give away. It does not have to be new, but should be something that someone else would like –even if you no longer want it– yes I see the irony. I will probably do a box or 2 or 3 of an assortment of “stuff.”

You will just have to pay to ship it to the winner.

On Wednesday, September 17th I will set up the “Mr. Linky” so that you can enter your website. We will take sign up for 1 week and all have the drawings on the 24th.

So what say you?? (This is not the sign up, I’m just curious how many of you might be interested.)

Also, let your readers know!!!

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