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The February Winner…and a serious request

And the winner is: KM ! Congrats!

Thanks so much to all of you that entered!

I’m so excited that next month I’ll be giving away

“Praise and Coffee” coffee!!

And I have a request.

I have had many responses to yesterday’s post through email, etc.

They are anonymous, so I’m only posting the ones I have permission to.

There is a comment there that breaks my heart, and it represents many more that I have not posted.

I want to ask you to leave a comment on yesterday’s post with some encouragment for these women who are hurting, and a promise to pray for them.

They may be going through a battle that we are not, but they are sister’s in the Lord…Girlfriend’s in God.

You guys are such an inspiration to me, I know you will be a blessing to them also.

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