The January Praise and Coffee Winners

Girls!!! Can I just start by telling you how overwhelmed and excited I am about

“Two shall be One” Tuesdays?!

Wow! Your reponses have been wonderful and I can see that the Lord is doing a huge work in marriages today. Thanks so much for your input and encouragement.

Now on to the contest!

Note: The next Praise and Coffee Giveaway will start February 1st and they will continue every month starting on the 1st and drawing on the 10th of that month.

I will also be participating in the:

Bloggy Giveaway! It starts on January 28th and will end on February 1st.

The January Praise & Coffee giveaway winner is: Sharon

The winners of the magnets are: 1. Susanne 2. Happy Home 3. Homeschoolmum4Christ 4. Sara 5. bebemiqui 6. ~java mama~ 7. lady_msnow 8. penless thoughts 9. pennies in my pocket 10. Lisa Writes

Congrats to all the winners! Email me your home addresses and I will get your gifts right out to you!! PraiseandCoffee (at) yahoo (dot) com


Edited to add: Winning one of the magnets does not make you ineligible to win praise and coffee for the rest of the year! These are just for fun!

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