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The REAL Moms Series ~ Helping Our Kids Deal with Disappointment

If you’re stopping by because you heard me on STAR 105.7…welcome!

Today I want to give REAL moms some tips on helping our kids deal with disappointment.

I have 4 kids ranging from 7 to 23 yrs old so we’ve dealt with everything from ‘I didn’t get the Christmas present I wanted’ to full blown broken hearts.

Life is full of little and big disappointments. As much as we’d like to spare our kids from letdowns, we can’t, and really, that’s a good thing. If we constantly try to shield them from disappointment, we will keep them from developing some important life skills.

Of course we want to comfort our children when they are upset and hurting and we should. But we also want to use these opportunities to teach them a few things.

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who has heard the words: THAT’s not fair!

One of the ways we can help our children is to teach them that life is NOT fair.

Just shatter that fantasy because it will only lead to more disappointment!

Face it, life is a series of wonderful and heartbreaking events.

But we can prepare our kids, and one of the best ways is by communicating with them.

Maybe our child didn’t make the team, let’s help them put that into perspective. Explaining to them: this is just one team, there will be so many more opportunities and maybe this was not the best plan for them right now. You might need to redirect them into an area that might fit them better, possibly a different sport or activity altogether.

I had a friend whose child wanted to be on the basketball team SO badly. When they didn’t make it they were crushed, but the parents encouraged them to take soccer and it’s a perfect fit.

Maybe you have older children and they are crushed about a relationship that fell apart or college or job situation, let them grieve the situation, but when you can, talk to them about how this disappointment just may work out to be the best thing that ever could have happened. Explain that maybe there is a different plan for their life and this just may be the grace of God to save them from more heartache.

And no matter what the age, remind our kids to be thankful for all the wonderful things that do surround them.

REAL moms have REAL kids that are going to face REAL disappointments but by staying connected with our kids and encouraging them through life’s disappointments we get to help steer them on their path.

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