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The Walking Wounded

This is a quote from a children’s book by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman about a little Chinese girl that’s going to be adopted:

“But, then, there’s a cry that’s the saddest of all. In fact, it’s unlike any other. It comes from a deep, empty place in your heart That can only be filled by a mother.”

The first several times I read this story to my daughter I couldn’t even say those words because I was either crying or had such a large lump in my throat the words just couldn’t get past it.

As I was reading it to my daughter tonight, I thought of all the people in this world that do not know the Lord. They don’t know their Heavenly Father. There is a longing, an emptiness…a God-shaped hole in the heart of every person that hasn’t received (and possibly has even rejected) His love and forgiveness.

Sometimes I can get so frustrated when sinners sin. I forget to look past the sin and see the pain that is driving them to behave this way. In the same way, I can get offended when someone is unkind or harsh with me.

We have a dog and she is so sweet. She has been with our family for several years now and never hurt any one of us. Lauren lays on her and pulls her ears and she still never does anything that might hurt her. BUT, if she were ever hurt or hit by a car, I would NOT let Lauren near her. WHY? Because in her state of pain and fear, she could respond in a violent manner. It is only natural.

There have been times when the Lord has reminded me to see people this way. Bloody, wounded and seething with pain.

Obviously, they are not physically injured, but the pain for some is deeper than physical wounds. Many times, the responses and reactions that we get from people are not a direct result of their feelings towards us, but a response to their feelings toward themselves or others who have hurt them.

I’m not excusing bad behavior…

But possibly, if we opened our heart. We might see that love could heal some relationships that have been destroyed by one person’s pain, and another’s resistance to forgive.

In the same manner, if we understand how empty and sad a heart can be without the Lord, maybe we can see beyond the outside walls built aroung their heart and give them a reason to let Him in!

He’s the only hope for a lost and hurting world.

It takes a person strong in their walk with the Lord to open their own heart to the possibility of being hurt by the wounded- but it’s worth every battle scar.

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