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Two shall become One ~ Building Hedges


I’ve received a few emails over the last year from Facebook friends that have decided to delete their accounts because the tempation to connect or RE-connect with a man online was to strong and they were worried about the direction their thought life had taken.

I commend them for this!

If there is any situation in our life that opens the door for us to build a relationship with someone besides our spouse, we need to be on guard against it and we need to distance ourself from it.

Social media can be a blessing or a curse, the decision is ours.

What starts out as an innocent conversation online could turn into a friendship that we cherish. From there it could become a relationship that we think about throughout the day and look forward to more communication with that person.

At this point, we’ve gone too far and need to cut it off. If not it could end up becoming something that destroys our family.

I want to share this article with you from “Focus on the Family” that offers really great information on the subject. Check it out: Building Hedges Around Your Marriage

Also, here is an article that I wrote a while back about the temptation of affairs: Cute Little Lion Cub

Whether it’s through Facebook, your job or somewhere else, be on guard and protect your marriage.

I’m praying for our marriages, Sue

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