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Two shall become One~ Guest Post!



Let me introduce you to my girlfriend Jaime. You will love her! She’s the kind of friend who will bring the kids over for a playdate and drink buckets of coffee with you while sharing warm cinnamon bread…it’s hard to find a good girlfriend like that! We met about a year ago and hit it off immediately. She’s also been a wonderful addition to Praise and Coffee Nights here in Michigan.

Jaime is a wife, mom and woman after God’s heart.

She has a passion to help women in their marriages and after she shared this story with me, I asked if she’s share it with you too.

Be sure to stop by her blog too: The Word in Worship

Here’s Jaime…

Entering Your Husband’s World

Do you really KNOW your husband? We are made for and transformed through intimate relationships. When we have a personal relationship with God we are able to form a bond with him and our faith and trust is increased. When we let those walls down and choose intimacy with our husbands we will also grow in faith and trust with him.

One way we can connect with our husbands is to enter his world.

What is he passionate about? What spills out of him without effort?

For my husband if is football, more specifically Notre Dame football. His love for the game, stats and players is really hard for me to comprehend. Honestly, the only time I think about ND football is on Saturday when the game is on. In years past, it was really a sore subject for me. I would get so upset that he loved ND football so much. How could he sit and watch games for hours? He doesn’t show that much passion for me….

After attending a marriage conference, God opened my eyes to see that I can look at our different passions as a positive or negative. God sees them as a positive and he wants them to strengthen our marriage. We were given the opportunity to go to three, yes three, ND games this year. The first one I knew that Shawn had tickets for and I told him to take a buddy. Shawn and his buddy both wanted me to go and thought if I went I might convert into an ND fan.

Well they were right!

My passion is not like Shawn’s but I loved going to these games. What I really loved was Shawn’s joy and sharing it with him. This gave Shawn and I an opportunity to spend many hours together and talk, laugh and just have fun! If I would have insisted that he take his buddy I would have missed this opportunity.

I entered his world and totally loved it. I loved it because I love Shawn, and this is one of his passions. We were blessed with time alone together and it gave us a new bond that we hadn’t had before.

What does your husband love that you could care less about? What does he love that you could do with him?

You might even be surprised as I was that you totally get into it and have a great time.

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