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Whew, I didn’t break out in hives.

I can hardly believe the LIVE webinar went off without a hitch. I didn’t break out in hives, the dogs didn’t attack the UPS man and Mitt Romney didn’t call, not even once.

The webinar went a bit longer than I had hoped for and of course I have a million more things I wish I would have said, and why did I make that funny face so often and good gravy what was going on with my hair?

But here you go, if you’ve been thinking about starting Praise and Coffee Nights this video shares the heart of them with you.

The ladies that attended were truly a delight. I wish they had all been here in my kitchen. I would have baked them something fattening and yummy.

Here are the links for the Ebook:

And webinar:

This is a fresh approach to women’s ministry. Sharing conversations that matter as REAL women with real hurts, joys and trials.

  1. No agendas, just relationships.

  2. Gathering 3-12 women together, facilitating conversation and allowing God to intervene.

  3. Based on Matthew 18:20, when 2 or 3 gather in His name, He comes.

  4. Meeting outside the four walls of the church with women from all backgrounds, churches (or no church) and walks of life.

  5. Sharing life.

And this is me. Watch the webinar, you’ll understand.

Thank you Denise for all the behind the scenes stuff that you did while sitting in my dining room all alone, I really should have baked you something. I love you to pieces.

Have a great weekend!!!! Sue

PS: I almost forgot…if you would like to join in with women all over the nation world starting Praise and Coffee Nights on March 15th, click here:!/events/290042004382067/

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