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You Make Everything Glorious!

This morning I was chopping veggies for homemade chicken soup because all of us in the house are plugged up and sneezing and we need some warm comfort food!

We had some incredible storms that went through here last night.

(I took this picture out my front door, this storm soon turned into a tornado warning to the east of us, thankfully one never touched the ground- I actually sent this in to our local TV station and they put it on the air and their website- NOW everyone knows I’m a weather nerd!)

But this morning I was listening to David Crowder on the radio singing “Everything Glorious”

Just then I looked up and saw the most beautiful sight. The sun peeked out and illuminated the trees in our back field.

He truly does make everything Glorious doesn’t HE!

I am so thankful this morning. Here are some of the reasons:

~My “son” (actually an exchange student from Mexico that we had in our home a couple of years ago) has come for a surprise visit! We were all shocked as Alan (pronounced Uh-lon) walked up our driveway. He’s hear til Oct. 31st!! He stayed with us for half a year and we love him dearly. He had another surprise for us…he is a Daddy now. So I guess I’m a Grandma. :/

~Lauren is actually feeling better and slept through the WHOLE night last night! Can I get a Praise the LORD!!

~ Lauren has gymnastics this morning, so she is so excited – it always makes me smile!

~We are going away for the weekend and the weather is looking beautiful!

~ I have a speaking engagement in December to the women of an inner-city church in Grand Rapids and I’m just thrilled, the ladies there are just precious!

~ God makes everything glorious- in His time!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies, I’ll be checking in from time to time if the internet is working in the motorhome!


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