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Welcome, I'm Sue Cramer and I'm so glad you stopped by,

In 2006 I started the Praise and Coffee Blog. 

Through my blog, I encourage women to share life with one another outside the four walls of church and soon a movement began! Women around the country started hosting their own Praise and Coffee groups in coffee shops and around their kitchen tables.​

I have over 30 years experience leading, counseling, and encouraging women from all walks of life and love the opportunity to help then become the woman God created them to be. Aside from continuing to speak at events and write, I'm now offering personalized coaching. Reach out, I'd love to chat!

NOTE: I don't have a cookie-cutter coaching template. YOU are the template. 

Your situation is unlike any other and the way you make decisions and process the world around you is exclusive to your set of circumstance and the road you have traveled to get here. I personalize for each coaching client. 

These are the areas I specialize in, often they overlap and we work on all of them:


From home to business to church, and community service, leadership is the key to success. 

Let's talk about how to awaken the leader inside to make a greater impact in your sphere of influence. 

Health & Wellness

It's hard to thrive as the woman God created you to be if you don't feel good in your own skin, are struggling with food addiction, or your mind is filled with anxiety. 


Whether it's extra weight, autoimmune disease, or needing peace in your mind, let's make a plan for you to feel better by focusing on your health and the foods you eat.  


Marriage, family, & faith. 

You are a mosaic of all the beautiful and broken pieces of your life. 

If you feel stuck or just need to get your thoughts and ideas focused, let's come up with a plan for you to experience peace in the relationships in your life, especially in your walk with God.  

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I don't charge for an initial consult.

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