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Spring Break STAYcation Ideas for Moms

It’s that time of year! Spring break is next week! That is really exciting if you are heading off to the Gulf Shores or some place amazing but if you are staying home you might be thinking, what am I going to do with these kids?

NOW is the time to make some plans!

I’ve got a few theme day ideas for Spring Break Staycations.

  1. A DIY Day in the Kitchen. Get all the fixins for some of your kids favorite foods and let them go to town. You could do pizzas, tacos, cupcakes or homemade sundaes. Add some fun by stopping at the dollar store and picking up some cute containers.

  2. A Picnic in the Park Day When is the last time you actually packed a picnic for the kids? Spring break is a great time!

  3. Movie Day: go to the theater (many theaters have free movies during spring break, check out Celebration Cinema if you’re in the Grand Rapids area!) or stay in the PJ’s and have a movie marathon day right there in your living room. Let each of the kids pick their favorite movie and plan ahead by surprising them with their favorite movie theater snack at home.

  4. For rainy days, Build a Fort Day: kids love to build forts… have plenty of extra sheets on hand that they can use to build a fort in the living room or find some big boxes this week and let them build a fort city. Make sure you have batteries in the flashlights too!

  5. A Friend Over Day: let each of the kids have a friend over for the day or if you’re really brave: overnight!

  6. Have a Wii Olympics Day, complete with special little awards- again the dollar store would be a great place to find things…for the gold, silver and bronze winners.

  7. VBS Day: get together with a few other moms (share the responsibility) and host a mini VBS at one of your houses.  The kids can do crafts and scavenger hunts based on the story that you share with them.

Moms, you don’t have to take the kids on a plane ride to have fun. If you’re having a stay-cation, start planning this week and you’ll have a great spring break.

If you are in the West Michigan area, check out Maranda’s great ideas too! Maranda’s Spring Break Best Bets

Share some of your ideas in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

If you missed the segment, listen here: STAYcations for Real Moms this Spring Break

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